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Irene Tien MD, MSc, FACEP is a board-certified emergency medicine physician with additional expertise  in pediatrics. She is a leading medical voice on social media,  providing the public with accurate information to empower them to live  their healthiest life. 

In  her 20 years of practice, Dr. Tien has seen how medical misinformation  and limited or lack of access to a doctor has resulted in patients  waiting until their health problems became life threatening before  seeking medical care. 

Dr.  Tien believes that timely access to accurate medical information is a  key to patients living their healthiest life. She hand-picks relevant,  up-to-date medical information and explains it clearly, without medical  jargon. Her ongoing health education, partnered with a personalized,  timely, and cost-effective telemedicine practice using video  conferencing, can help you live your healthiest life.

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Make sure I can see you before you schedule

I can give you medical advice via video conference if you:

- are in Massachusetts (minors need parental permission and participation during the visit).

- have with a smart phone, tablet or computer with a strong WiFi or Cellular service connection.

-  have a minor illness or injury or medical question and want to  skip the travel time and waiting rooms of the usual urgent care,  doctor's office or emergency department.

NOTICE: you must cancel your appointment at least 6 hours in advance to avoid a $50 no-show charge.

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Privacy Policy and Disclaimers

Any information you provide in relation to my professional services will be kept confidential in compliance with federal and state laws. Details of my privacy practices will be provided to you should you obtain professional medical services from me.

 This website contains general information about medical conditions and treatments. The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such. 


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