Virtual and In-Home Medical Care on Your Time

How do I book an appointment?

 Make an appointment by clicking the "Book Now" button below


1. What problems can you take care of using telemedicine?

A large part of my medical evaluation involves speaking and observing. If you have a medical problem that you do not think is an emergency, you can make an appointment to see me. If it's a problem that can't be safely or effectively taken care of via telemedicine, I will tell you and the visit will cost you nothing.

2. What if you see me and it turns out my problem can't be solved with telemedicine?

I'm quick to tell patients I see in the ER if they have a problem I can't solve. If I can't adequately address your problem via telemedicine, I will tell you, advise you what to do, and the visit will cost you nothing.

3. Will my health insurance cover your services?

Health insurance companies currently do not cover telemedicine services in Massachusetts. The cost of your visit can be applied to your deductible. 

4. How much does a visit cost?

I charge a flat fee of $100 for a telemedicine consult and $200 for a house call in Sudbury, Marlborough, Framingham, Wayland, Weston, Concord, Maynard and Hudson, MA. Travel to other towns is negotiable. Contact me for details. My service charge includes your consultation as well as follow up with you regarding lab or other testing results, prescriptions (if needed), and a follow up call to assure your medical issue is resolved.*

* my fee does not include the costs of medications, lab testing or imaging

5. How quickly can I be seen?

One of the advantages of using my service is that if you make an appointment, you know you will see me 100% of the time. However, I still work in the ER, meaning I work odd and unpredictable hours. I make very effort to get back to you as soon as you request an appointment, but there may be delay if you catch me while I'm at work or sleeping after an overnight shift. Check my availability on the home page.

6. Why would I choose telemedicine over going to my doctor's office?

Sometimes your doctor is very busy or out of town. You may have a concern that is urgent and can't get a hold of someone in your doctor's office. This is a perfect reason to make an appointment to see me. You will have direct access to an experienced doctor with whom you can discuss your concerns and what to do.

7.  Why would I choose telemedicine over going to urgent care or the ER?

We all know why the ER is NOT a great place to go with a problem that is not an emergency- the wait can be excessive. The cost of going to urgent care or the ER is more than the cost of making an appointment to see me. You can skip sitting around in a waiting room full of sick people and you don't need to leave work or change out of your pajamas to see me.

8. Why would I choose My Doctor Friend over a national telemedicine chain service, which may be cheaper and have quicker access?

Big box companies, like Costco, are great for some things, like discount toothpaste. But, health care is one of the most personal and individualized services you can request. National telemedicine chains work based on doctors from all over the country sitting at their computer, waiting to see who can click on your electronic request the fastest. You will get a different doctor each time and limited or no follow up. You will not know ahead of time what type of training or practice experience your doctor has. Some services do not provide access to a doctor because they employ nurse practitioners or physician assistants. If you want to know who you're going to see, you value seeing someone you can get to know, and value seeing a physician, My Doctor Friend is for you! 

Check out my testimonials if you want to see what people who actually know me think of my professional skills. 

9. What actually happens when I request an appointment?

Once you send me a request, I will contact you via your preferred method (email, text, or phone) to set up an appointment time. You will receive a link via email or text to log on to Chiron, the video platform (think Face Time but with encryption to assure a private visit). Make sure to download the app if you plan on using your smart phone for the visit. If you're using your computer, go to

Click on the link at least 15 minutes before your appointment time to register. It will ask you for a credit card number for billing after the visit. There is an option to enter insurance information, but I do not currently take insurance for this service. 

Make sure you have a good wifi or other internet signal to allow for the best video quality.  Headphones work best.  I will start the appointment once you are finished registering, at our scheduled appointment time.

10. What devices can I use to see you via telemedicine?

You can use an iPhone, Android, iPad or computer. Make sure you have a good Wifi or other data signal and use headphones, if possible, for better audio quality. Try to find a private location with good lighting for the visit.

11. I want to know if you're available to see me right now. How do I figure that out?

Download the app "Care Circles by Pre-R" for real-time availability information (download the app here- 

You can also check the home page for my schedule.