Dr. Tien has spoken in front of small intimate groups and large auditoriums of professionals at medical conferences on behalf of organizations like Boston University, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and University of Connecticut.

Dr. Tien is available to provide educational sessions with your grade school, college or advanced degree students, parenting group, employees, or clients. Topics may include how to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, safety issues affecting children, improving your health and wellness, what it's like to be a doctor, for example. 

She is also available to speak at professional conferences and work shops about being a physician on social media, telemedicine, and how we can repair the physician-patient relationship.

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Dr. Tien has extensive experience in medical and public interest writing. She has published multiple original research manuscripts in addition to book chapters, medical publication review articles and online blogs directed at the public and her peers covering health literacy and improving the current state of physician-patient relationship decay. 

Dr. Tien is available for hire as a guest author or to write articles for your organization that really speak to your readers. She can be contacted below.

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